What We Do

We offer fast, reliable and affordable internet connectivity to your team whether working out of a physical or virtual office environment .We know how important it is to keep productivity productive and more importantly connected. Combined with our internet connectivity we offer a stable VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) platform to ensure your team stays connected.To each other and the rest of the business world

Market analysis and Ideal Client

Fibrent Technologies (PTY) Ltd noticed the vast amount of employed professionals working from home due to new insights given by Covid and the financial relief for companies having employees working from a virtual office environment  .With major companies preferring their full time employees to work from home we have stepped up to the plate and created a platform where all employees can work from anywhere in South Africa

Our Focus

We focus on client compatibility. With our platforms, we advise out of a user’s perspective using our combined sales and account management experience to achieve user satisfaction and client retention . We believe in doing something right the first time.